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It's been almost a year since we've seen this delicious black stud. Naturel has appeared on Extra Big Dicks before, and I'm sure glad he's back for more. What a hot man! Standing 5'10", he weighs 183 pounds of solid muscle. And he's packing a 9.5 inch cock between his legs. Wow! What a mouthful! But let's forget about that big dick for a minute, this muscle stud is wearing a eight pack! What a beautiful body. Naturel strips off his shirt and massages his crotch through his pants. By the time he strips completely, Naturel's huge cock is stiffening up nicely. He sits down on the floor and starts stroking his meat, bringing it to full mast. It's so big that he's able to wrap both fists around his meat and tug away. And don't get so distracted by that humongous dick of his that you miss out on his tight, muscular butt. When Naturel finally explodes, he drops huge gobs of milky cum all over his beautiful abs. Now who is going to volunteer to clean up that mess?

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