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Dominic Portland is from the West Coast and recently he headed to Miami to get naked for Men Over 30. At 30 years of age, Dominic just squeaks through. He's a thick slice of heaven and he's been practicing since he was 13 years old. (He lost his cheery when a high-school girl got him drunk and had her way with him.) Sitting shirtless in the Men Over 30 studio, Dominic pumps his arms and massages his muscles before his hand slips inside his jeans. He finally pulls out his meaty cock and it's a nice-looking dick. But as it gets harder, of course it gets better -- and thicker. Dominic even gets down on all fours and lets us explore between his muscular butt cheeks -- two perfectly shaped, hairy butt cheeks curving to a dark and hairy ass crack. He pushes his stiff cock and small balls through his thighs and smiles for the camera. And then, Dominic gets down to business jacking his thick cock. And when he's ready, he dumps thick gobs of cum all over his thighs.

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