Muscled Football Player

Shay looks as good at thirty as he did back in high school when he was a well-muscled football player. But over the past ten years and with lots of working out, he's packed on more muscle. Now his 5'7" frame carries 195 solid pounds. When he stops by Men Over 30 to show off the goods, he wastes no time getting out of his clothes. 'The more people that watch, the more turned on I get,' Shay says. And this straight guy isn't bothered by the all-male audience, 'It might have freaked me out 10 years ago, but now I take it for what it is, a major compliment.' When he peels off his underwear, a huge set of glutes emerge and they're round, tight, and just as meaty as the rest of him. He grabs a fistful of lube and starts pounding his meat. With his cock rock hard, Shay takes some time to flex and pose and really show off his body. Flexing bis huge biceps, his his cock is dripping precum and Shay leaves puddles all over the studio. That's fucking hot! He pulls his fingertip away from his cock head, making a long cum string that looks absolutely delicious. Then he lies back on the bed. His balls have completely disappeared inside his body - how could they not with all the precum they've been pumping out? But Shay's got a bigger load coming and he explodes all over his smooth belly, blasting all the way up to those chiseled pecs.



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