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Matthew Rush is becoming a bit of a regular on Men Over 30. He was a big hit when he made a fan's fantasy a reality in Sucking Matthew Rush's Cock and I was equally turned on by Fucking Matthew Rush.

Matthew Rush is helping 19-year-old Tucker Vaughn get his porn career started. Matthew started out a young and lean and now, all these years later, he's practically doubled in size and added some ink. The guys are reading, sitting together in the same room, and when Matthew catches Tucker checking him out, he invites him to join him on the couch. It isn't long before these two are making out. Tucker wraps his lips around Matthew's cock and rubs his hands all over this muscle man's body. God, what a lucky guy. Can you imagine having the opportunity to worship all that hunky, beefy muscle.

Tucker can't get enough of Matthew's thick cock as he shoves as much of that cock as he can into his throat. Then this muscle man turns his attention to Tucker's ass. Matthew slathers his tongue all over Tucker's rosebud and gets it ready for a hard fucking. Matt then slides his fat cock deep into Tucker's hot ass. Within a minute or so, Tucker is completely relaxed and the muscle man starts pounding his ass. Matt bends Tucker over and slams his cock inside that hungry ass. After sitting on Matt's cock and riding it vigorously, the two men sit on the sofa, side by side, and jerk off together. What a session!

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