Smooth muscle stud

His name is Clark Kent and he starts his Next Door Male shoot off wearing a Superman t-shirt. He's a 20-year-old college student working towards his chemistry degree. Geez ... who says brainboxes have to look like nerds? Clark has a nearly perfect body, the result of many years of precise workout regimens, healthy eating and self discipline. There's a picture of him sitting outside in his underwear, his arm is resting on his knee and he's looking at the camera. The perfect curve as his shoulder rolls into his bicep is just fucking amazing. But, just so we don't think he's too much of a good boy, Clark has a big tattoo swirling around his shoulder. Clark's video with Next Door Male is sectioned into three parts. First, he admires himself in the bathroom mirror, undresses and fondles himself. Second, he shows us a bit of his work out routine, pumping up his muscles with a set of push-ups and sit-ups. And then he showers away the sweat and lets us watch. Clark lies back on the bed and gets ready to stroke his cock. But first he teases us by lying on his stomach and grinding his hips into a pillow. Watching that firm, tight, bubble butt relaxing and contracting, just like he's fucking, is really going to get your cock stirring. Then Clark pours baby oil all over his chest and stomach and starts massaging it everywhere. His hands work their way down to his cock and balls. With his cock rock hard he starts pumping furiously. And when he finally cums, he shoots a messy cumshot all over that six pack of his with strings of cum flying everywhere. My only question is: why don't straight guys make more noise when they shoot?

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