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Convincing a straight guy to do some guy-on-guy action can take a little doing, and certainly they need to be eased into their first time taking a guy's dick up their ass. But Sean Cody's Jay has become quite the bottom boy! Recently, Sean Cody asked him: "When are you going to switch and fuck someone?" Jay told Sean Cody that he wasn't ready to climb up on top just yet: "I'm actually kind of enjoying this," he said. "It feels good and it's less work!" Ha! He's got that right, but a good bottom doesn't just lie their and take it, Jay; there is some technique to being a really good bottom. And you don't want to wear your top out! Now, when a straight guy gets fucked you have to take it slow. There's no point in starting him off with a 9-inch cock and scaring him half to death. So Sean Cody has been good about pairing Jay up with a nice selection of cocks to break him in. But now that Jay has become a "seasoned" bottom, it's time to bring out the big gun! Jake has a whoppingly big, uncut cock. Man, it's delicious. And damn, it was hot seeing Jake's fat cock sliding into Jay's big, beefy, hairy ass!! And Jay had no problems accommodating that meaty monster inside his hole!

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