Muscle Jock

This is Clark Kent and I'll resist all of the cheap shots referring to Superman, although one could have fun with the "It's a bird ..." line. Clark has been featured on Next Door Male before and he's looking hotter than ever. He cut off all of rocker / surfer boy hair and he's going for a much more clean-cut look. Apparently Clark Kent gets himself off at least twice a day. And I'm so glad he stopped by Next Door Male again to include us in one of those sessions. This muscle jock has a beautifully smooth and well-defined body. Wait until you see his six pack! He starts off wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. His jeans are unzipped and a dark treasure trail of hair descends from his belly button - I find that such a turn-on. He starts off outside jacking his cock hard, but when things heat up, he moves indoors to continue his fun. When he wants to shoot his load, he spreads himself out on the comfortable sheets and strokes himself to a creamy conclusion, shooting his love all over his rippling abs. And make sure you check out his ass, it's gorgeous - plump, muscles, strong, and covered in fine, dark hair.

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