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Christian Wilde is one of my favourite guys over at Next Door Buddies. The firm and lean stud is packing one beautiful dick. And he's always a lot of fun to watch, whether he's using his big tool or getting dicked. This week he brought his new buddy, 23-year-old Shane Erickson, along for fun. And these two horny guys start off their session with a romp in the shower. I love watching guys getting it on in the shower. I love having sex in the shower, too, as long as the facilities are big enough for two! Christian wakes up from a great night of sleep and strolls into the bathroom for a shower. He's sporting some morning wood and as he stumbles into the bathroom, he finds Shane already in the shower. Since they're buddies, Christian decides to climb under the spray and share water. Good for the economy, right? Shane can't resist tasting some morning wood and Christian returns the favour.

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