mormon guy gets ass fucked

Mormon Boyz is an interesting site and it's been steeped in controversy. Not only does the site show us Mormon guys having man-on-man sex, but it works religious symbolism into just about every scene. So in this recent video, Elder Miltmore is about to receive the priesthood keys from Bishop Stevenson. Now I'm assuming that such an act would normally be conducted in the church, but in this video, ordination occurs in a hotel room and involves the Bishop fucking Miltmore's puckered and virgin butt hole.

The Bishop warms up Miltomore's tight ass with his finger, then two, then three. The lad moans louder and louder until it's clear he's ready for more; his hard-on leaking precum is evidence of that.

There were five fellow Mormons in the hotel room watching this unique ordination and getting off on the lad's moans and groans on enjoyment and submission. Even Stake President Cannon, a high up official, was overseeing that Elder Miltmore was adequately prepared for his ordination. And then with a nod, the president let Bishop Stevenson know that he should proceed with the full ordaining, and when it was all over Miltmore's ass was baptized with a creamy load of the Bishop's spunk.

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