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Earlier this year, Jamie enlisted in the military, but not before he did a solo jerk-off session for Sean Cody. After he enlisted, he contacted the gay porn site and said he was interested in getting fucked. I guess he was very interested because he's been fucked nine times this year, and this fuck session with Jonathan makes number ten.

Jonathan is still relatively new to gay sex and he's mostly topped other guys. Still, he's interested in exploring versatility, but with Jamie in the scene, there's little chance that Jonathan will be getting fucked. Jonathan appears to be quite smitten with Jamie - a little man crush, I guess. But after swapping blowjobs, and before Jamie stuff's Jonathan's cock up his ass, Jonathan did bend over and take a fair-sized butt plug up his ass.

The guys move to the stairway and Jamie gets down on all fours on the staircase. He's got a great ass - very plump and round and completely covered in fur. Jonathan's already slathered Jamie's hole with spit, so it's ready to receive Jonathan's big cock. The guys pound ass on the stairs for a while, then they move to the livingroom where Jamie is blindfolded, laid across an ottoman, and with his legs hoisted in the air, he gets his furry butt hole pounded some more.

I'm wondering these days just how straight Jamie really is; he's certainly taken a lot of cock up his ass and just seems to want more and more. Of course he is in the military, so perhaps he's just abiding by Don't Ask, Don't Tell! Head over to Sean Cody, you've got to see this cock-hungry guy in action.

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