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If you like your men a bit older with lotsa beefy muscle, then MEN OVER 30's Michael Buck should give you a rise. Michael stands 6' and tips the scale at almost 260lbs. And there isn't much fat on the dude that's for sure. Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this hunkalove is quite straight but has no problem at all with posing for all of us oggling gay pervs. Which is nice. He certainly has all the qualities us macho-man lovers crave.

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I really couldn't resist sticking this shot of Michael's manly behind in with the series. Speaking of sticking things in....ummm...nevermind. He He. By the looks of things, Michael likes to keep himself smooth. That can be quite nice especially when the guy is built like Michael.

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Pretty manly dude eh? Now we can see where all that weight is coming from. If you look really close at his cock, you'll notice a huge vein on one side. I mean BIG. We only get to see him semi-erect here but I would imagine that vein gets mighty large when Michael's fully bloated and horny.

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I'd really like to see this guy getting right into it. How about you? Well we can all head on over to MEN OVER 30 and see much more of Michael guys. Perhaps he engages in some things that teeter on the "gay" side of life. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh yeah!

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