A couple of weeks ago, Men Over 30 brought you a slice of home-grown beefcake, Mr. Michael Buck. Last time he was here, he confessed he loves a good group session whenever possible! So, they decided to get him into a 'select' group session'one with no females! They asked their recurring Florida favorite, Lee, to help them out with Michael's christening. Newly single and lookin' damn good'Lee was more than willing to oblige! This was Michael's first time on the 'Wild Side', and in hind sight, his parting advice for any str8 boys on the fence about doing more was''Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!'


Lee gets behind Michael on the couch and begins to break the ice by giving him a shoulder massage. His hands roam over his shoulders, his bulging biceps, and down his massive pecs as Michael just grins his approval. By the time Lee is tugging at his shirt, Michael's doing some roaming of his own.



Michael holds Lee's head as he bobs it up and down on his aching cock. The two then lay side by side as they stroke off to an explosive climax.'ll have to see that climax by going over to Men Over 30 guys. Aren't I a tease? He He. Happy stroking!

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