Remember those masked dudes you see on here sometimes? How can you forget them?! MASKURBATE portrays sensational looking men adorning black masks to hide their identities. The effect is nothing short of extraordinary. The mystique. The suspense. It does something to your sexual psyche. Something dark and fetish-esque. Well sign me up! Here's a crapload of images for you guys. We only have four of them here. But be sure to check out the free gallery link to get your masked Christmas gift. Happy Holidays!


Shit I think this guy has done that before. LOL. He's swallowed the whole damned thing! Cool! Don't you just love that mask? Zorro never seemed so sexy if you ask me. Great shots too. Maskurbate knows what they're doing that's for sure.


I always get immediately hard when I see shots like this. What is it about the male scrotum? A no-man's-land of pure splendor. Except us raunchy guys go there no matter what they call it. That would make it every-man's-land right? Let's just go there.


Oooh...I think this guy's about to blow a big load. You don't want to miss that do you?! MASKURBATE will rock your mask fetish world dudes. Every man is sizzling hot with a bod and cock to die for. The masks add that something special that we all sometimes desire. Be sure to see for yourself from the free gallery. Have a Holly Horny Christmas fellas!

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