MEN's "Godfather" Wraps Up with 4-Man Gang Bang MEN's "Godfather" Wraps Up with 4-Man Gang Bang

The Godfather series finished up at on the weekend. It's Rafael Alencar's first time back at the site in almost a year, and I thought that I had already blogged about the series here -- I love Alencar's monster cock so much -- but I just realized that I hadn't. It's just as well anyway because now there's no waiting and you can watch the whole series from start to finish, all four episodes. Alencar plays the head of a crime family, but he's having trouble with a nephew who is trying to take over the family and he fucks his way through four episodes trying to get things under control.

I won't spoil the story by getting into the whole thing. In this final scene Alencar has called a meeting with Roman Todd, who is his right-hand man, and Seth Santoro and Brenner Bolton, two of the newest additions to the family. The conniving nephew has been taken care of and now Alencar needs to make sure that the remnants of his empire are loyal to him. One by one, they pledge their allegiance to the Godfather, then he has them line up on their knees and present their asses. Rafael works his way down the line and gets a taste of each ass -- literally -- then he lies back on the board table and orders Santoro to suck his dick.

While Rafael fucks Seth's ass, Roman helps with topping duty and fucks Brenner. The two bottoms are face to face and Brenner seems jealous that Seth's ass is getting all of the Godfather's cock. But he bides his time, and it's worth the wait. Rafael's cumshot really is spectacular, probably the cum blast of the year. Seth and Brenner lie side by side on the table and Roman unloads on Seth's face first and he coats the cocksucker with a pretty good load. Rafael's first blast flies clear across Brenner's face and lands on Seth's far cheek, the subsequent squirts make their mark on Brenner's face and fall into his mouth -- he even chokes a little -- then the jizz streams down into his eyes. Seth and Brenner are completely soaked. It's a perfect way to end the series.

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