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The most famous line of dialogue is gay porn history is probably, "Yeah, you like that, don't cha?" (Courtesy of Jeff Stryker in Powertool, natch!) But seriously, sometimes, when you're lying on your couch edging to your favorite porno, or maybe at your computer pulling to the latest Web series, don't you ever say to yourself, "Gee, this script could really use some work!"

Yeah, us either, but our friends at Queer Me Now Blog have higher aspirations for this industry we call gay porn. That's why at the recent Phoenix Forum in Arizona, they approached the owners of the popular Men.com with the idea to sponsor a screenplay-writing contest. This is the group that owns and operates the sites Jizz Orgy, Drill My Hole, Big Dicks at School, Str8 to Gay and The Gay Office (you get the idea). And lucky for all of us, they bit!

The contest asks fans to write down their ultimate gay porn fantasy (in 600 words or less) and tell what they want the models to say and how they want to see their scenario acted out. It could be your wildest sexual fantasy or whatever sparks your wet dreams. Anything that is in your head (and makes your cock hard) is fair game. Just send it to [email protected] The winner will have his script turned into a porn scene and will also receive a free one-year membership to Men.com and its bro sites. All script submissions should be tailored to one of the five themed sites mentioned above. You can also suggest the porn stars you want to see acting out your nastiness! (No guarantees that's who you'll see, though). The contest ends July 1. To see a full set of official rules, click here.

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