Newcomer Will Braun's First Scene Newcomer Will Braun's First Scene

I've been waiting for Will Braun's debut at ever since their February 6 announcement that they had signed the bespectacled cutie. Braun's first new scene debuts today, just in time to fill the hole left by Johnny Rapid and all his legal woes. The darling of hasn't had a new scene released since November 30, and who knows if we'll ever see him again. Frankly, Will Braun is a gazillion times hotter and judging by his first performance with Jimmy Fanz, he's going to be a hit. And I couldn't be happier.

Braun's first scene, simply called "The New Exclusive: Will Braun," opens with a couple of producers dressing the set. Jimmy Fanz arrives and has a bit of a chat with the producer, then it's Will Braun's turn and all those bio questions you see on the site. Finally, Braun heads over to the wardrobe guy who makes Will try on a couple of pair of underwear because the blue Andrew Christians look so much different and better than the black Andrew Christians he just had on. Please. The wardrobe hipster just wanted a private look at Braun's furry pubes -- and they are sexy. Then Jimmy and Will run through their turn-ons so the scene goes well. It was a nice behind-the-scenes look at what happens on a porn set. I enjoyed seeing it, it was a lot more interesting than a stammering interview.

Jimmy and Will get down to business. Will loves Jimmy's mouth and he can't take his eyes of his Jimmy's lips sliding up and down his dick. Jimmy stares up a Will quite a bit and this gets the newcomer smiling, cracking a couple of comments, and then he pumps Jimmy's throat. Will's a good cocksucker too. Jimmy is nicely hung with a great plump head, so it's nice to see that Will can gulp a bone. As for the fucking, well, I'll let you see it for yourself, but watching Braun's strong, little body pumping Jimmy's ass was a turn-on. And if you like long, sticky ropes of cum, you're going to love Will. What a cumshot! Even Jimmy said, "Oh wow!"

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