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My doctor is a pretty hot man and I've thought on more than one occasion about servicing his dick right there in his office. Thinking about bending over his examination room table and getting my ass thoroughly examined gets me pretty revved up. Now, my doctor's receptionist and nurse are women, so my fantasies begin and end with the doc and me. But if he had a hot male nurse like in this scene from Hot House, things could get seriously out of hand.

Nurse Evan Mercy is showing intern Edin Sol how things work in Dr. Flynn's office. He starts off by opening a drawer and showing the intern some of the things they've pulled out of some of their patients' asses - a jar of pickles, a sweet potato, and a number of metal butt plugs. But this young intern doesn't seem to be getting it, so Evan decides it would be better to show him.

Mercy pushes Sol back on the exam table and then strips off the intern's scrubs. He works over Sol's ass with a metal wand. Supervisor Ty Roderick enters and works his fingers deep inside Sol's ass; Nurse Mercy takes over face fucking duty and makes the intern swallow every inch of his big dick.

Roderick strips out of his scrubs and replaces his fingers with his huge cock. Then Mercy and Roderick take turns filling the intern's butt hole. Roderick wants to show this intern just how much his tight butt hole can take and does some double penetration with a huge dildo and his own stiff cock. And with two dicks plunging into his ass Sol shoots a magnificent stream of cum than splashes all over his face!

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