Sucking Cock

Taylor and Adam were sitting around comparing notes one day. They had both slept with the same girl, and she told each of them that they had a huge cock. Not satisfied to let it go there, Adam grabbed a tape measure and the guys dropped their pants around their ankles. They sat on the edge of the bed watching and porn movie and stroking their dicks for the measuring ceremony. Adam is really interested in Taylor's cock piercing, and he can't seem to take his eyes of it. The guys decide that the loser of the contest has to suck the other's cock. When the measuring tape is unwound, Taylor comes in around 7 inches, but Adam is a whopping 8 inches, and a little on the thick side. A man of his word, Taylor gets down and sucks his buddy's cock. But he wasn't prepared for how kinky his buddy was going to get. Adam wanted to fuck Taylor's ass, and not only did he pump it, but he smacked it as well. And he got into some funky positions, too, fucking Taylor backwards. Taylor wasn't complaining, he's loves a juicy, fat cock sliding into his butt hole.

Fucking Ass

Fucking Ass

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