Yes, Sir! Break me off a piece of that, lock me in a room, and throw away the key. Whew! What a hot mature hairy man. This is Blake Nolan and he's a magnificent mass of muscle and fur. And I sure was thrilled to stumble across him at Hairy Boyz this week. He starts off posing shirtless in a pair of faded denim jeans. He slides out of his jeans and reveals a hot package stuffed into a pair of white boxer briefs, massive thighs bulging out of the leg holes. His cock is hard and it's shooting up towards his waistband. I love a man who can show a good bulge. His chest is amazing - bulging, hard pecs and his torso is completely covered in hair. I'd just love to lay my head down on that and have a nap. Except he's got a great cock, long shaft and plump cock head, and a tight set of shaved nuts, and I doubt I'd be getting much sleeping done. In picture after picture he pumps and flexes his muscles, and then, finally he turns around and shows off his smooth bubble butt. I sure hope Blake Nolan is going to be showing up in a gay porn video soon.

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