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I never get tired of looking at Matt Hughes' big cock. It such a huge stump of a thing; even soft it's so impressive hanging heavily between his legs. It's got to be a good 8 inches soft, and it's completely covered in foreskin. I'd be happy swallowing that chunk of meat, happy enough if it never grew another inch. But a couple of tweaks of his nipples, and Matt's huge dick begins stiffening up. Then slowly, his cock head begins to emerge from beneath it's collar. He picks it up in both hands -- and it takes two hands to hold it -- and he slides his foreskin back across his sensitive crown. What an impressive sight! But while a huge cock is nice to look at, it's even more exciting to see it in action. And Matt Hughes gets plenty of opportunities to use it on UK Naked Men. He's featured in a solo jack off video where he uses a Fleshlight on his huge cock. And then he's fucking ass in two other videos; a third video has him servicing two guys at the same time; and the last video has Matt and three other guys in a frenzied foursome sex session. I can't wait to get back over there and watch Matt making those 11.5 inches disappear up some poor bastard's ass!

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