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Rey Gold always generates a lot of e-mail when he shows up on Next Door Male. Unfortunately, he's only able to perform for the site a couple of times a year. And this is a shame because this 22-year-old has a beautifully, lean and smooth physique. He's wearing a sexy patch of fur on his chin and he's got a pair of beautifully hairy legs. He's also packing a healthy piece of meat between his legs. In this video, Rey is settling in with a porn magazine. He reaches inside his shorts and pulls out his stiff cock. It's a nice piece -- not too big, not too small, and extra thick around the base . He does some more cock pumping in the bathroom's whirl pool and even does some outdoor jacking off. But when Rey is ready to shoot his load, he heads back inside. Kneeling on his bed, this horny straight guy explodes all over the bedsheets. And I do mean EXPLODES. I haven't been that impressed by a cumshot in a long time. I really didn't know one guy could shoot that much. Wow!

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