Massive Cumshot

Unbelievable! Demetri's cum shot is absolutely massive and spectacular. In fact, it was so big that when staring at it in the pictures, I just had to check out the video to make sure it wasn't fake. Producers do that sometimes when I guy is having trouble cumming, or when they just want to give the illusion of a cum shot. But I watched the cum reel, and I can tell you that I saw that massive load of cum fly out of Demetri's dick, splattering all over his hard abs. And I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen a massive cum shot like this before. Demetri is a 41-year-old rugged, handsome, manly, muscle man. He's a mixture of Cuban, Spanish and Greek. And this bodybuilder shows up at Men Over 30 wearing a beautiful suit. But he's not wearing it for long. He's anxious to show off his hot body. His shoulders are absolutely massive with tattooed bands running across is biceps and up onto his shoulders. And his cock is pretty delicious, too. His stats say that it's only 7 inches, but it sure looks a lot bigger than that. Maybe it's the huge nob crowing his shaft - a sort of optical illusion. And regardless, when this bodybuilder starts shooting, you'd better stand back, or you'll definitely get some on you.

Huge Muscle Man

Hard Muscle Cock

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