Massive Cock

I'm not normally into blonde guys, but I sure would make an exception for Henry. Look at that piece of meat -- what a massive cock. It's 10 inches. And if you don't believe me, do the math. When I make a fist and measure across the width of it, my hand is about 4 inches. And Henry has two fists wrapped around his cock with a good couple of inches to spare. And this 20-year-old is big in other ways, too, he's a towering 6'1". And this blonde is covered in tattoos, a work in progress. Every where you look on his body, he's got the outline of another tattoo. Long horns just above his cock (hung like a bull, I guess), a coi on his arm, a couple of naked women across his chest. He's adorably cute, with blue eyes, luscious kissable lips, and he's even sporting a lip piercing. Lying back on the sofa, Henry has the most mischievous smile, he wraps his fist around his massive cock and does a one-handed jack off for us. He sprays jizz right up that tattooed belly and splattering his first jets of cum into the middle of his chest.

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