This picture has a lot going on. It's interracial, and it's a mask fantasy, but it's also a teacher fantasy. Randy's first crush was on his math teacher. Now, from out of the past comes his fantasy as he hooks up with his ex-teacher for a shoot at Maskurbate. Randy can hardly believe his good luck, but it seems that his ex-teacher has a thing for black guys. What could be better? Our teacher pulls up Randy's shirt to expose his sculpted abs, his flawless black skin. His hand brushes across Randy's chest and they both feel a rush of horniness.

Soon Randy is living out one of his first sexual fantasies, one he has masturbated to many times. His ex-teacher is sucking his black cock, and doing a very good job of it, too.


Randy can't wait for a chance to suck the older man's cock, and soon they are lying together as Randy strokes his own meat as he works on his teacher's rod.


And finally Randy's ass is impaled by his ex-teacher's hard dick, and it's just as hot as he always daydreamed it would be. The older man really knows how to fuck, and he gives Randy all he can handle!


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