A couple of weeks back Next Door Buddies featured a two guys playing together and one of them was wearing a mask. It must have been a big hit because this week they're doing it again, except this time the masked man isn't just trying to hide his identity from the viewers, he's a masked instruder. Adam has had this fantasy for a while: Waking up to a masked man whose intention is to restrain, dominate and pound his ass with his big cock. While Adam was sleeping on a couch, a masked man enters through an unlocked sliding door. Mark looks hot, his body is well-muscled and he's lying on his stomach, wearing only a pair of underwear. The masked man sneaks over to Adam, and then, quickly grabs Adam's hands and slaps handcuffs on them. By the time Adam fully wakens, he's restrained the the masked intruder is starting to climb on top of him. Adam fights back as the intruder starts pulling Adam's underwear off. The intruder jumps on top of him, and stationed between his legs, he tries to restrain Adam further. Adam squirms, but the intruder manages to get his cock out and starts stroking it. The intruder leans down and gives Adam's cock a little taste. And then he says in a southern drawl, "I'm going to fuck your ass." The masked man yanks off Adam's underwear and shoves his cock into Adam's ass. He pounds him hard and Adam's enjoying it. He's not struggling any more. The intruder releases Adam from the handcuffs and fucks him doggy style. And then the two guys jack off together. The intruder blows his load all over Adam's chest. Then Adam wakes up, all alone, untouched on the couch.

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