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It's been a long time since I visited Sean Cody. I had a membership there for a while and loved the guys. So with fond memories tucked away on my hard drive, I headed over to see how things have been progressing on this grand daddy of gay porn sites. How long has Sean Cody been getting guys off? Since November 2000, so almost nine years! I caught up with Pete and Harley who were mixing it up in a sizzling ass pounding video. Pete and Harley first met when they were filming separate videos at Sean Cody. They struck out a conversation and hung out for the afternoon. And apparently, Harley made a big impression on Pete, who kept hinting that he wanted to make a film with Harley. "You have a little man crush going there, don't you?" Sean Cody asked. And indeed Pete did. And when these two finally get together, Pete's man crush ignites. The sex is on fire! Harley's got a deliciously big cock and Pete's ass swallows every inch of it; but not before Pete lies back and takes a mouthful. And boy, can Pete suck dick. Harley sure enjoyed getting his meat service and I sure enjoyed watching. I think I'm going to have to make Sean Cody a regular haunt again.

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