"Show Me That Dick My Sister Brags About." "Show Me That Dick My Sister Brags About."

Cameron Frost is having trouble with his girlfriend. It seems he just lost his job, and when this scene opens, Cameron is on the phone with her and she's nagging him about finding a job, right while he was folding the laundry no less. So they get into one of those "fuck you!" kind of calls. Now Cameron's frustrated and needs to blow off some steam, so he does what every straight man does, he jumps online and looks for cock. It's his first time doing this sort of thing (of course it is) but his girlfriend has put him in the mood for some experimentation. And since this is MEN.com's latest episode of "My Brother in Law," Cameron's brother in law shows up knocking at his door.

At first Cameron is surprised to see Luke Adams standing in his door, then he tries denying to his brother-in-law that he placed the ad on the hook-up site. They go back and forth and finally Luke says, "Show me that dick she brags about all the time." He moves in and pushes Cameron against the wall. The blond hunk stammers that he doesn't even know what to do. Cameron doesn't need to worry about that, if you've never seen Luke Adams in action before, he's cock hound and knows how to suck dick. He's got a fantastic bouncy ass, but we'll start with some head.

And before you know it, the boys are buck naked and sporting raging hard-ons. "Oh you're so good at that," Cameron says. He can't take his eyes off his brother-in-law working his bone. And I'm betting good head doesn't run in this family because Cameron looks like he's never had any. But this blowjob comes to an abrupt halt when Luke says, "I want you to fuck me so bad." But they'd better hurry up because the girlfriend, Luke's sister, is supposed to be coming home soon. And wouldn't that be a fun family reunion.

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