It's not very often in life you run into a man who makes your knees go week, evokes body shaking shutters, and causes your cock to engorge to explosive proportions inside your trousers. This is the reaction I immediately got when I caught my first glimpse of REAR STABLE'S Tamas Esterhazy. Sporting a body that was chiseled in stone, a seriously intense stare, and a lethally dangerous cock, Tamas epitomizes the term "all man". Check out these shots as he points his loaded pistol at us to show us he means nothing but business.


Tamas is ready for your hot cocksucking mouth. Think you can handle his meat? I know I'd give it my damndest and swallow him whole. Check out the beautiful balls and meaty scrotum on this guy. And the way he's looking at you, you know you'd better do a good job or you won't get that pistol whipping your hungry ass into shape.


Here's a close-up of Tamas' firearm. The only thing missing is someone's ass around it. Who will it be? I'm sure there have been quite a few lucky guys who have been fortunate enough to experience this incredible man's huge tool exploring their inner depths. I know I'll be dreaming about this happening to me for some time to cum. I just can't take my eyes off of this guy.


So, what do you think of Tamas? Is he not just about the hottest thing you've ever seen on 2 legs? Well, REAR STABLE has supplied us with a few movie clips of him in some seriously hot solo action. Wanna see it? Just hit the link below. Don't forget to check out the REAR STABLES home page to see a ton more sizzling men just like Tamas engaged in all kinds of nasty action. May all your journeys be horny ones!

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