When I look at Dirk Jager, that's exactly what comes to mind. Here's a man who could fuck you for hours without letup. Blessed with an adonis-esque bod and throbbing, masterful member, Dirk is the type of guy who would fuck your ass into sheer submission. As time goes by, REAR STABLE keep impressing me as they introduce us to such splendid men the likes of Dirk. This is a guy who commands attention and exudes sexuality in all aspects. Let's take a brief gander at this super-hunk. There's a free gallery available as well. Who the hell would want to miss this?


How many of us wouldn't want to get on our knees in front of this guy? Holy shit this guy is hot. Abs like something out of a comic book and a cock as hard as the rock of Gibraltar, I feel like a submissive little slut when I stare at this guy. Damn.


Dirk is the master of his domain. What he wants, he gets. No question about it. You can see it as you look into his eyes. The only thing missing in this picture is some tight ass being probed by his fantastic tool. Look at that bulging mushroom head. Fuck yeah!


Yes, Dirk likes to subdue his victims in order to have them at his disposal. Are you into that? I know I am. I'd be his boy. REAR STABLE gives us many men like Dirk who are here on earth to prove that we're not always the boss. Sometimes it's nice to let someone else take over. Check out the free incredible solo scene of Dirk stroking his magnificent member. He knows you want it, but you may have to beg first.

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