A hot piece of Latin muscle isn't too hard for the eyes to take. Sandro opens his SexGaymes gallery wearing a blue Speedo and white tank top. His chest is simply busting out of that tank top. It's a beautiful sight. His massive beefcake thighs are bulging out of his Speedo, and his cock's a little randy, too. Before long this hot piece of Latin muscle is totally nude and he's absolutely beautiful. His pecs are even more amazing bare. Two bulging mounds with a deep crevice running between them and both covered with a little bit of hair. His cock is long and his crown flares red. He's got a tight set of balls. And with the posing done, Sandro gets down to business. Leaning on a stool, he begins jacking off that big, long cock of his. He shoots a beautifully thick cum shot all over his stomach and down his leg. The cum flies everywhere. And in that post erection come-down, his cock looks so delicious -- semi-pumped, meaty, and thick. Yum!

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