Say hello to Gonzalo! He's brand new on the scene and is raising some serious attention in the gay adult world. Not to mention raising a few other things. Ahem. Namely....me. He's 19 years old, hung and uncut, and as you can see for yourself, cute as hell. Let's take a little tour as Gonzalo sits back and shows off his fantastic physique and manhood.


Look at that smile! Who can resist such a sweetie? Doesn't he make your heart sink? So young and nubile. So smooth and inviting. Lips meant to be kissed, lean muscles meant to be worshipped. His skin is the colour of deep bronze, begging to be fondled and caressed. Eyes like a fresh cut diamond, sparkling with sweetness like the midnight stars.


Oops! I think I just had an accident. I don't know about you, but I suddenly just got the urge to get down on my knees and beg. Is that a nice piece or what? Having him look down at you while you savour his luscious cock would just about make life perfect I think. Imagine his eyes narrowing into slits with desire. Imagine his loud moans as you deep-throat his meat and finger his tight, yet willing sphincter.


What a great shot! Looking down at that fantastic prick makes my mouth water. Does the number "69" cum to mind? Well.....I believe a lot would cum to mind at this point eh? If you'd like to see more of this splendid treasure of a man, be sure to check out LATIN JOCKS.

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