Kurt prefers to bottom, mostly because the pressure is not on him to stay hard the entire time. This was his first time doing full on sex for ChaosMen. He certainly is very enthusiastic about guy sex, but could only be fucked one way, and he wouldn't get a hard on..

But the he met Skyler who was patient and was really keen on making sure Kurt had a good time. Something definitely clicked between the two of them.

Skyler took his time grinding his dick on Kurt's body, getting themselves charged up. Skyler started by fucking him doggy style, a position Kurt said wouldn't work for him, but iIn no time at all, Skyler had him rock hard and they had stop and try another position, because Kurt said he was going to cum!

Skyler quickly flipped him on his back and Kurt still couldn't get over how good it felt, but he was now focused on how good it felt doggy style.

Kurt wanted to go back to the doggy style, "Uh that felt good, can we do that again?"

Skyler obliged, fucking him for just a minute, then blammo, Kurt accidentally busted. He was literally astounded that he came while being fucked. Skyler quickly played hot dog in the bun and busted a nut while Kurt caught his breath.

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