Kink Spotlight: Piss with a Capital Penis Kink Spotlight: Piss with a Capital Penis

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Piss is so versatile by nature. You can spell your name in the snow with it or, if you stand on a table and do it in the middle of a meeting, get instantly fired from a job you hate.

But it's also a kink that has many levels. Some folks are turned on just by watching someone piss, like the group of guys lined up on the roadside ledge. It's not exactly an orgy, but it could carry the voyeuristic excitement of one, depending on your point of view.

Then there are folks turned on by pissing on their own face. Upward aiming in the shower can be the easiest way to try this. Though the stream may only be able to reach high enough for a couple of seconds, it's point will be made and felt.

Fully getting pissed on, whether sprayed in the face or body, can be a thrill for everyone involved. Flat on the back in a tub while the pisser is standing above is a good setup. Though if wetting down the clothes is key to the scene, get in the same position but when fully dressed in a three-piece suit on a workout bench at the gym while also being tickled and spat on.

May as well get five kinks for one. If stores can have special deals, why not kinks?

Mr. Flannel's hands-free, half-hard piss situation is the winner for me though. It's like he's using telekinesis to raise his dick up partially and pull out the pee and it turns him on. Or maybe it's the being unzipped in public part, or the camera, or what he knows is going to happen next.

Because when the ice is broken by hot piss, most anything can follow. Technically including a citation and fine for public urination, but let's focus on the positive.

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