Kai Ford And David West Make Waves

Hot House Backroom's boys of summer Kai Ford and David West makes some waves by the pool in this new shoot. It's one thing to fake a connection between two horny studs for the good of the camera. However, when it's genuine, nothing beats it. Kai takes the top dog position and uses all means necessary to get David to the point of opening up for his more than ample appendage. For which the bottom does the same with his mouth and expert tongueing skills. Both men are something out of romance novels with their perfect physiques and eloguently chiseled facial features. Outstanding hunks having and outstanding time. Sensational to say the least!!

Ford's appetite seems to never go down and neither does his dick. See Kai stick it to David over and over again in this full XXX scene live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

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