"Just One Finger ... Please." "Just One Finger ... Please."

Can you imagine if a buddy just stood up, dropped his pants, and started fingering his butt right in front of you? That's pretty much what happens in "Cheating Husband" over at MEN.com. Charlie Harding and John Magnum are best friends who are hanging out waiting for their wives to come home from shopping and they end up having a bit of bum fun. But how they get into it is quite a bit of fun.

John tells Charlie about an article that he's reading about men who get off fingering their butts. They swap stories about what their wives will and won't do in bed, and since John's wife won't touch his butt, he decides to give it a try right there. Charlie isn't completely freaked out, they've been friends since college and even had a threeway once. And watching John fingering his own hole gets him more than a little interested. It doesn't take John much persuading: "Just one finger ... please." Charlie slips in a finger, then after a couple of minutes kneels and tongue fucks his buddy.

Getting his hole tongued sends John over the edge and he sucks Charlie's dick. But this is just the beginning, after some head back and forth, Charlie shoves his hard dick up his buddy's bum and gives him way more than he bargained for. It's a fun and silly way of getting these two straight friends fucking, but John Magnum has a fantastic butt, so I don't care how we get to the fucking as long as we get there.

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