Juicy Fat Cock

Ray and his juicy fat cock hail all the way from Boulder, Colorado. This 22-year-old is currently single and I'll bet he's enjoying that. Right away I was drawn to his beautiful plump and kissable lips. Well that was until he stripped out of his clothes and I saw his thick cock. What a hot piece of meat. But back to those lips for a minute. Ray has full lips that would be heaven to kiss for a long time. And he sure knows how to work the camera. He looks right into the lens as he peels off his belt. He knows that we want to see his cock and he's going to make us wait for it. He teases us with his baggy boxers, spreading his legs so the leg holes open up. He catches us try to grab a peek so he closes his legs. Then he turns his back to the camera and slides his boxers down his beefy, round butt cheeks. What a hot ass! But come on Ray, we want to see your cock. Finally, he turns back around for the camera and sits down in the chair. He fishes his cock out of his shorts and starts stroking it. It's fucking huge. It's about 8.5 inches long, but it's a fat one. And when Ray cums, he dumps a thick load all over his stomach. He's not a distance shooter, but this boy cums a lot.

Thick Cock

Fat Cock

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