Johnny Rapid is Back! Johnny Rapid is Back!

I was wondering if we were ever going to see Johnny Rapid again. You might remember Rapid got himself into some hot water late last year and ended up with a fresh set of mugshots. And the darling was out of commission for five months. Well, he's back, and starting tomorrow, is having a four-day Johnny Rapid marathon. I'm not exactly sure if these are fresh scenes or previously-filmed scenes being released as new. However, one of Rapid's scenes includes Will Braun, who only joined the studio after Johnny's legal troubles, so it looks like at least one of them is new.

Johnny Rapid's comeback at starts off with their new and popular series "Not Brothers Yet" and in this third installment Scott Harbor runs into his soon-to-be stepbrother in a public restroom. I guess forgot that Johnny and Scott are already stepbrothers. Johnny got fucked by Dirk Caber in the shower in the first episode of "Stepfather's Secret," and then in the third episode, dirty Dad Dirk bent Johnny's stepbrother, Scott Harbor, over the SUV in the garage. Look at me being Picky Peter and going all CSI on, it's just a video, right?

Back in the restroom Johnny gets caught taking pictures of Scott's cock at the urinal. They get into a tussle, and when Johnny kneels to pick up his phone, he sees his stepbrother's stiffy bulging in his pants. So they don't what every pair of step bros would do -- they swap blowjobs and fucks right there in the toilet.

Also coming out this week: Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Joey Rico in a bathroom in "Behind the Bleachers," and he joins Adam Herst, Travis Stevens, Scott Harbor, and Will Braun in "My Step Dad Is A Pervert," and last but not least, Alex Adams and Jimmy Johnson spit roast Johnny in "Double Booked." So how about it, are you glad Johnny Rapid is back? Sound off in the comments.

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