Johnny Rapid & Jake Bass Kiss & Make Up Johnny Rapid & Jake Bass Kiss & Make Up

Last year, Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass had an huge fight on Twitter. I don't even know really what it was about. They were both shoveling the bravado about who would fuck whom better or harder and it got out of hand. Frankly, I don't care enough to hunt down the tweets, if they haven't already been deleted, as usually happens in Pornland gunslinging at the Twitter corral. But recently, got the pair together to kiss and make it up, except it went a whole lot further than that.

I don't really care for Johnny Rapid or Jake Bass (they're just not my kind of guys) so I groaned when I saw this in my assignment queue, but some other blogger called this the "duo of the decade," so I thought I should keep an open mind and check it out. The opening segment has the producer talking to each other guys separately. "My relationship with Johnny is non-existent," Bass says. "We've been going back and forth on various social platforms ... it's quite funny." And Johnny says, "We sorta had an online brawl." I guess 30 or 40 tweets could be considered sorta brawling. "I sounded very mean, I guess" Johnny continues. "Jake got upset ... I have a weird way of flirting." So if Johnny Rapid ever calls you a bitch one night in a bar, he probably just wants to pick you up and shove his ass in your face. Just so you know.

The guys iron everything out and Johnny explains that he's wanted to do a scene with Jake for a long time. Jake seems taken aback by that. They snuggle up on the couch and start kissing. The sex is pretty standard stuff. Hardly "duo of the decade" material -- that's just blogger hype. They swap blowjobs, Johnny eats Jake's ass then fucks it doggy style (Jake said in his interview that missionary was his favourite position), and Jake eats Johnny's ass and Johnny rides him (Johnny's favourite position according to his interview). The only mind blowing thing about the session is Jake's straight-up-in-the-air cumshot, which was very impressive. When he's done shooting he says, "Oh my God, it's in my ear!" Rapid and Bass fans will likely enjoy the scene, but for me it's not even a must-see, let alone "duo of the decade."

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