Extra Big Dicks Jay has bedroom brown eyes, cinnamon skin and sexy, full lips that make him look like a latin LL Cool Jay. Those lips look even hotter when he flashes his brilliant smile! A smile like that could make any girl's, or guy's, knees buckle! At 19, Jay is a confirmed bachelor & admits he likes it that way. Also adorned with a long, streamlined cock, he is certainly a welcome addition to the EBD family.


He kicks back lightly pinching his scrotum in order to bring his gorgeous cock into full bloom. I love shots like this. A hot dude like Jay laying back and just letting it all hang out. So relaxed. Jay may look bored to some but to me he just looks like he needs a hot warm mouth.


This pic shows all of Jay. His thick legs, nice chest and long, not-too-thick prick. He sure is inviting with that sexy glare. Just waiting for some lucky dude to come along and treat him the way he should be treated.


Well it looks as though Jay blew his cork. Too bad we didn't get to see that happen. I suppose we'll all have to head on over to Extra Big Dicks to catch that action. It's worth it. The amount of guys over there like Jay is unbelievable. Dude after dude with cocks that have that little extra length and breadth that some of us prefer.

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