james huntsman and aj monroe

AJ Monroe is a lucky guy. I've been seeing him around several gay porn sites over the past few months. He's a cute guy with a trim and fit body. But he hit the big time when he landed this gig with Next Door Buddies. His scene partner is James Huntsman, a good-looking blond guy - the all-American guy - and he's packing a juicy fat cock, and AJ gets to suck it. Man, I'm so jealous.

In this scene AJ Monroe is playing a weary traveler, stuck between flights with nothing to do except sit in the airport bar, have a couple of drinks and wait for his flight. James Huntsman is the bartender and AJ is quite taken with this blond stud. Who wouldn't be? They strike up a conversation and things turn friendly when James pours a round of shots. The conversation turns to finding sex on the road and how hard it can be sometimes, and AJ does a lot of traveling, so he spends a lot of nights alone jerking off in his hotel room.

One thing leads to another and AJ touches James' bulging crotch. The day's over, so they lock the doors, and lets AJ spend some time admiring his rock-hard body. And soon AJ frees Hunstman's stiff cock from his trousers and then AJ is down on his knees sucking back this beautiful fat cock. Like I said, AJ is a lucky guy, and I'd love to know where this bar is - I could stand some alone time with that fantastic dick.

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