I never really was sure whether Jake Deckard was a top or a bottom. I hadn't seen him when he was a Titan Exclusive. I only noticed Jake Deckard when he moved over to Raging Stallion as an exclusive model. So I was looking forward to seeing him in action. This week at Rear Stable I got my wish. He's teamed up with gorgeous hairy name Blake Nolan in a scene from Centurion Muscle III : Omega. I do love Blake. He's sexy and good looking with a beautiful, hairy and muscular body. And as the gallery opens, Jake Deckard is down on his knees sucking Blake's cock, which is pretty impressive. As the gallery progress on, we eventually see Jake Deckard down on all fours and getting boned by his sexy, hairy fuck buddy. So I have my answer. Okay, so maybe Deckard will turn out to be versatile. We'll just have to keep watching his videos as they're released. Blake eventually flips Jake onto his make, hoists his legs in the air, and fucks him some more, finally ending this scene in the above embrace. Fuck, I love watching sexy men kissing.

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