Jake Deckard Fucking

Jake Deckard is one of my favourite gay porn stars. He's a ruggedly handsome and massive built man. He's got an amazingly strong and muscular body and he's covered in hair and tattoos. And he's working exclusively for Raging Stallion Studios these days. After a couple-year stint with Titan Men, Jake Deckard settled in with Raging Stallion and he's been producing hot movies ever since. Aside from his hot looks, he really turns me on because he's so versatile. You're just as likely to find him fucking ass as getting fucked. And I love watching a big beefy man like Jake getting his ass porked. This week over at Rear Stable, Jake Deckard is paired up with Trey Casteel in a hot fuck scene. Trey is bent over a leather bench with his ass primed and ready for a hard fucking from Jake. And if you've never seen a Jake Deckard cum shot, you're in for a treat. This man shoots buckets. In fact, he shoots some of the biggest cum shots I've seen in gay porn. I was absolutely amazed to watch this man shoot huge pools of cum in Lords of the Jungle, and of course, Jake got his ass fucked a lot in that movie.



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