Jack Deckard

Jake Deckard is paired up with sexy, hairy man Blake Nolan this week on Hairy Boyz. And Jake is getting his ass fucked. They're both hot men and push my buttons in different ways. Jake Deckard is a Raging Stallion exclusive with a phenomenal body. I've seen pictures of Deckard as a young man back in his college days, and he was a gangily and awkward-looking guy. The fact that he's evolved into this massive, hairy hunk is amazing. And a Jake Deckard cum shot is quite enjoyable - he shoots more cum in one blast that just about anyone else in the business. Blake Nolan is another of my favourites. He's a good-looking man with an equally amazing body - and his cock is pretty hot, too. In this scene Deckard warms up Nolan's cock and gets it primed and ready for his ass. And then, down on all fours, he presents his hairy ass to Nolan, who happily fills it with his cock.

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