Hairy Boyz has invited us to watch in awe as Jake and Trey, two hairy chested alphamales, consume each other like sexual beasts. Within moments, it becomes obvious these gorgeous hunks have completely forgotten about the film crew around them and are lost in horned up, hairy, muscle man sex. With lots of pec punching, spitting and a powerfuck that defies all known laws of gravity, this is as hardcore as it gets!


After eating ass he's now eating cock. The best of both worlds. I mean, hey, when you've had one end then you have to have the other. It's like bread and butter, salt and pepper - ass and cock. He knows there's no other feeling like a big cock growing inside your throat.


Assume the position boy! Bent over the sling, buddy takes it deep, hard and fast. When you see the videos you'll know how much these guys are into each other. It's really quite incredible. Like animals they engage in some seriously masculine carnal delights.


There it is. The million dollar shot. I always like to get that closeup fuck pic in there. Love the darker ambience to this moment. Hairy Boyz captured it perfectly. They always do. They get better and better which each new shoot and seem to have a real knack for picking guys with all the right tools and with very few inhibitions. Just the way I like it. How about yourselves?

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