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We do love our men in uniform, so this week GayDemon's Hump Day Hotties Wednesday feature is taking us through the gay porn penal system. In Gag Order from Next Door Buddies, Ray Diaz finds himself pulled over on the highway and he's detained in the back of constable Vinny Castillo's police cruiser, and he's on his way to jail and facing a heap of charges. But officer Castillo is a reasonable cop, so he offers Ray a choice: take his chances in jail or give this policeman a blowjob. Ummm ... look at handsome hunk Castillo and his big cock -- it's a no brainer


Had Ray Diaz decided to take his chances in jail, he could have ended up like Jeremy Stevens, a new inmate in the Bound in Public prison. Stevens is ordered to strip for a full body search as a part of his processing into this nasty jail. Stevens is a high-risk sexual offender, so he's locked in solitary confinement. But when he goes on a rampage destroying his cell, they call in the riot squad.

Five officers wrestle this pervert into restraints, then they force him to suck dick -- lots of dick, five cocks to be exact. Then the officers pin this sex offender down and let one of the other inmates fuck his ass. With his ass thoroughly pumped, it ain't over for Stevens; the five riot squadies line up with their hard cocks and they each take a crack at his fuck hole.


But even after a prisoner has done his time in jail, he's still not completely free. All he can hope for is that he doesn't end up under some nasty parole officer's charge like this poor bastard over at Parole Him. Muscle dude Darius Soli has shown up for his weekly appointment with his parole officer and he's bent over the desk for a cavity search. When the parole officer whips out his hard cock and sticks it into Darius' beefy ass, there's nothing the ex-prisoner can do but take it. If he wants to stay out of jail so he can keep fucking his girlfriend, he'll shut up and take it up the ass.

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