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I've seen Mike Roberts around in several gay porn flicks and I've always adored that big cock of his. In this Next Door Male scene we've got Mike Roberts all to ourselves. (Check him out in Nude Sunbathing and Early Morning Head where he's getting that fat dick serviced.) This video sequence opens up with Mike Roberts taking a hot, steamy shower. He's just finished a workout and wants to wash away the sweat. Standing 5'11' with deep blue eyes, this 25-year-old stud has an impressive, meaty cock hanging between his legs. And when not making gay porn videos, he works as a personal trainer. Can you imagine that bulge nearly pushing into your face as you're trying to do chest presses? After taking a long, relaxing shower, Mike pulls out a couple of porn magazines. Sitting at his kitchen table, he flips through the magazines and jacks his big cock. When he can't tease himself any further, he kneels down on the floor and spews his load on the tile. Yummy!

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