Blind Folded Jack Off

Muscular straight jock Jason has never had his cock touched by another guy before. But he heard about Maskurbate and thought he might like to try it out. But he was more than a little nervous, so he thought a blind fold would help him relax and get into the moment. At first Mark went easy on Jason, massaging his muscles and running his hands across Jason's hard and pumped up chest.

Jacking a Muscle Stud

Once Jason seemed a bit more relaxed, Mark fished Jason's cock out of his tight red shorts. As Jason's dick stiffened up, Mark wrapped his fist around it and pumped it slowly. Jason taught Mark how he liked his cock handled and he enjoyed feeling a strange hand manhandling his meat. But in the end, this straight muscle jock had to take matters into his own hands. And judging by the stream of cum that exploded out of his dick, Jason enjoyed the experience very much. Maybe he'll return for his first blowjob from another guy!

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