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Dick Armstrong keeps claiming to be straight, but every couple of weeks or so, he's back at Extra Big Dicks. He started off in some solo sessions jacking his big, long cock; then he got himself into a threeway. He got his dick serviced by a hungry cock sucker who was getting his ass fucked and nursing on Dick's long cock. (Check out the Gay Demon blog "Fucked from both Ends.") Now, Dick is paired up with another "straight" guy. These two horny studs are sitting side by side on a sofa and seeing who has the biggest and hardest cock. Cooker likes the look of Dick's hard cock and slides it down his throat, then he takes a crack at Dick's ass, lubing it up good with his tongue. But Dick still hasn't gone down on another guy yet. It looks like we might have to wait for a few more sessions to see this straight guy swallowing his first cock. But Cooker and Dick lie back on the sofa together, ass to ass, with their big dicks meeting in the middle. They stroke their own cocks until they both explode all over themselves.

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