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Christian is one of my favourite Next Door Buddies guys. He first appeared on the site a few months back, and since then, he's made several videos. He's got such a deliciously long dick and he's pretty cute. But I have to say that his cock really does it for me. Christian is paired up with blonde cutie Marcus is this jack off session. Christian is bi and has played with a number of guys on Next Door Buddies, but Marcus in new to this whole guy-on-guy sex thing. After stripping naked, Christian lies across the bed on his stomach; and Marcus stands at the edge of the bed and gets his dick sucked. Marcus isn't ready to suck another guy's cock yet, so he hops on the bed and lies beside Christian. The two guys jack off together. And you'll notice that Marcus is really checking out Christian's big dick when he starts shooting his load. Maybe we'll see Marcus back soon for some real dick action.

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