Sucking Straight Cock

Samuel's back. Man, I love this guy. He's so cute and he's such a good cock sucker. I just love watch him. In case you've forgotten Samuel is sort of unofficially the designated gay pitch hitter at Next Door Buddies. So when there is a new straight guy to break in, Samuel is one of the guys they call. He hasn't been around for a few updates, but he's back this week with Tyler. With Samuel in the shower, Tyler fires up a laptop and watches some porn. Tyler starts stroking his cock, and just as he's in full stroke, Samuel opens the bathroom door -- wet and looking for a towel. Tyler covers up and passes his buddy a clean towel. Samuel asks if he can watch the DVD, too. But we all know that Samuel is not going to be able to keep his hands or his mouth this himself. And before you know it, Tyler's cock is in his buddy's mouth. And what a nice, big fat cock he has, too. Tyler's quite the hottie with a rock-hard body and collegiate good looks. And that chin scruff ... drives me crazy. I loved watching this stud blow a load all over Samuel.

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